Papilloma vírus hpv vph, A HPV (humán papillomavírus) fertőzés tünetei, kezelése

Leírás: Papilocare is a gel vaginally administered by a single-dose cannula.

propolisz pinworms gyermekeknél ízületi fertőzések és kiütések

Vaginal gel formulation is effective as a local treatment with controlled systemic absorption and rapid and efficient distribution Jogosultság Kritériumok: Inclusion Criteria: 1.

Woman between the ages of 30 and 65 both included.

papilloma kezelés áttekintése neem segítségével szabaduljon meg a férgektől

Accept participation in the study and sign the Informed Consent form. Positive HPV by PCR performed at the screening visit or positive available at most 3 months prior to the baseline visit. Is capable, at the discretion of the investigator, of complying with the requirements of the study papilloma vírus hpv vph and without impediments to follow the instructions and evaluations throughout it.

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Exclusion Criteria: 1. Clinically relevant immune system alterations, or any other autoimmune disease or in treatment with immunosuppressants.

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Non-diagnosed abnormal genital hemorrhage during the 6 months prior to the screening visit. To had been vaccinated against HPV. Other symptomatic vulvovaginal infections. Surgical cervical excision in the last year or total hysterectomy.

vastagbélrák tumor markerek hpv vakcina ember hol kell csinálni

Previous history of gynecological cancer. Participation in any other clinical trial at present or in the 4 weeks prior to the inclusion of the study.

Any planned surgery that prevents the correct compliance with the protocol. Use of vaginal contraceptives or other vaginal hormonal treatments.

a vírus humán papillomavírust hív HPV-nek) férgek, ahogy hozom

Contraindications for Papilocare gel use or known allergies to any of its components. Women of childbearing age who do not use effective contraceptive methods, pregnant women, with suspicion of pregnancy or woman who are breastfeeding.

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Nem: Female.