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A laterális orrfalat érintő kiterjesztett endonasalis endoszkópos reszekciós műtétekkel szerzett tapasztalatok. Author s : Andor, Hirschberg; Balázs, Nasopharyngealis papilloma Abstract: Aim of the study: Stratification of the diseases and techniques with literature review and own experiences, in which resection of the lateral nasal wall to different extent was necessary during endoscopic sinus surgery.

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Material and methods: Retrospective analysis of 23 selected patients of the last five years. Surgical details rather than treatment strategies of the different diseases were evaluated due to the heterogenity of the patient group. The different extensions of transnasal endoscopic partial maxillectomy TEPM - with respect of the disease classifications - have been successfully applied in all cases, where the lateral nasal wall had to be addressed.

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The anterolateral and facial segments of the antral sinus could be readily accessed with type TEPM With the exception of JNA, tumor-debulking first seems to nasopharyngealis papilloma a good option when the anterior nasal cavity is obstructed nasopharyngealis papilloma tumor tissue.

If the nasal cavity and middle meatus seems to be accessible, the operation may start with mucosal flap elevation of the anterior lateral nasal wall or in the inferior meatus. In order to get useful histological results of the tumor resection margins biopsy mapping sufficient amount of biopsies - illustrated in an anatomical drawing - should be taken.

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